23 September 2007

Let the Countdown Begin...

I'm not usually one to have 'countdowns' etc, but in a month's time (from tomorrow) I'll be travelling to China with Eleonor for a two week tour of all it's wonders. It's all quite exciting, and we're both looking forward to it, though we're hoping that time doesn't go so fast that we miss it all and are suddenly thrown back into our daily lives before we know it!

While we're away, I'll try and keep the blog up-to-date, and hopefully you'll be able to read up on our stories here and see some photos. For the Facebook-ers, you should also be able to track our trips as we go... but we're just going to have to see how we go about finding Internet access over there!

Busy times ahead, time to start preparing of course for the holiday away, but also looking at buying some new cameras for the trip. We also have a Linkin Park concert the weekend prior to our departure and numerous birthdays will start to pile up in October...

Will try and keep ya'll informed.

Until then...

09 September 2007

APEC Long Weekend

What with all the world representatives from the Asia/Pacific region having a party in Sydney, we were given a long weekend. So on Saturday, Steve, Elisa, Elly and I went for a road trip through the Hunter Valley sipping wines, tasting cheeses, dips, atomic chilli's, gelato's and more...

It was quite the adventure where we took a scenic route to Cessnock amongst cyclists and other great sceneries to the Hunter Wine Region.

We eventually made our way across to Nelson Bay, before heading to Newcastle for dinner. This was followed by dessert at Dippin' Dots, an interesting way to eat ice cream :)

All up it was a great time amongst friends and a great way to cover lots of ground in a day. Already looking forward to the next trip!

Alas the long weekend is almost over, but there are other interesting things on the horizon!