26 August 2007

Familiarity thru Regularity

I'm all hyped up for many different reasons at the moment, it's just been one of those weeks where a lot has happened, or plans have finally come together...

First though, it's great to get back in the pilots seat after a month of not being able to fly either due to weather or other commitments. Needless to say, my first circuit was rather awful, though I did manage to salvage a reasonable landing... keeping regular with my flying is definitely key. But, finally today I heard a mention, barely more than a whisper that I'm on course for my first solo - assuming I keep regular!

What's that annoying motto teachers like to use? Practice, Practice, Practice...

Anyway, in other news Eleonor (my girlfriend) and I have finally decided on what tour we'll be going with on our first overseas trip together. In just under 2 months we'll be heading out to the oriental wonderland of China. We'll be part of a 2 week tour exploring the major cities and sites of Beijing, The Great Wall, Xi'an, the Yangtze River and Shanghai - plus many places dotted in between. It's good to know we finally were able to decide which tour we'd take of the many available - and we've been able to make sure we can go to the Linkin Park concert in late October as well!

Also, I've become very addicted to Facebook and have managed to catch up with a great deal of friends from the past. I wonder if it's a phase that will pass in time...

13 August 2007

Where'd the Time Go!?

I've only just realised I missed an entire month!


Well, my brother turned 19 on July 12th. Happy Birthday bro! haha...


This month has been more interesting. Particularly with the Peter Warren All Ford Day occurring this most recent weekend. The EuroFordClub made their third consecutive appearance at the show and put on a display to be remembered. Our largest number of cars yet, biggest variety and most interactive.

I learned my lesson as well with a large number of plans for the car to be ready for Sunday all falling through at the last minute. I was thrown a strewn wheel stud from my front left wheel which put me into salvage mode on Friday tracking down a replacement stud. The after-effects resulted in a terrible wheel vibration which wasn't rectified until Saturday - but, at least it wasn't an expensive job!

The reward came on Sunday where my car won the award for Best Cougar 2007 in tight competition against the 2006 defender, and friend, Mark. Even without the additions I had planned, 1 point separated us in our battle to win the trophy. Mark did however take out the Best Presented, and Best in Club awards.

Having never won a trophy before, for anything, this is a very momentous occasion for me, and my beaut car!

So, signing off for the moment, but I'll try and make it quicker before the next one...