24 June 2007

Dad Turns 50

My final long weekend before we busy up at work... new challenges lying ahead, at least it was a good time to relax and take some time off beforehand. This week can be broken down into a couple sections...

Happy 50th Birthday

June 24th, 2007 celebrates my Dad's 50th birthday. We held a modest function at The Prospector's restaurant for dinner on the 23rd with family and close friends. The time was fun and well spent amongst good people and Dad received his fair share of alcoholic beverages and other well thought out gifts. He and I will soon do battle on the Eastern Creek Race Circuit now we are both set to burn up the tyres with V8 Race Experiences each! Bring it on...

Weather 2, Daniel 1

I was getting worried that our recent bout of stormy weather on the weekends would continue to prevent me from taking off into the skies again. But, finally, this weekend I returned for my third circuit training lesson. Gradually improving at least, though I did come back with a dead left arm!

If I Were Indian

I'd have a totally different complexion, and possibly a typical accent... Well, look at what the marvels of technology can do for us! Entry into the Blacktown Workers Club can be annoying if you're not a member, but I simply don't use the facilities in a high enough frequency to justify the membership costs... so they now offer to scan your license into their system - fair enough... But what good is this system when it deciphers my (somewhat common) firstname like so? Take a look at the photo. All I ask is "What the...!?"

So this is Dshibi Collins, signing off, and possibly calling you from a market research or other call centre shortly...

11 June 2007

A Touch of Old and New

It's the long weekend here... Mum and Dad left yesterday for the Red Centre to explore Uluru and Alice Springs. Of course, this meant a trip to the airport and I thought I'd enjoy some plane-spotting whilst there. Seems some others (more well informed than I) had a similar idea as one of Australia's iconic jetliners was about to depart on it's final flight.

Boeing 707 - VH-EBAVH-EBA was Qantas' first ever Boeing 707, it was recently discovered in the UK and a team of specialists and enthusiasts have since revived her to her former glory. She left Sydney on her final flight to Longreach, QLD where she will be preserved in the Qantas museum. So it was a case of right place, right time to catch 'Bravo Alpha' on her final take-off, even though the weather was far from ideal.

Later in the day at Darling Harbour I attended an Italian Car Club show at Darling Harbour New Ford Mondeowith fellow motor enthusiast Alan. The show was a little less than we expected, but outside we spotted a small Ford display which included a brand new imported Ford Mondeo... a lot of hype is building up regarding this medium sized vehicle since Ford Australia announced it would be coming to our shores after a near 10 year hiatus. The car is simply stunning considering its designed to be a family car! The example was a top of the range model which oozed quality in all aspects. Very impressive!

With a longer weekend I set out to do more, but not sure if I succeeded! I'm back in the swing of video editing - working on some projects for the EuroFordClub which are coming together nicely. There are other projects I'd like to get back to, but all in time I suppose... The weather took away another flying lesson this weekend around, so hopefully I'll pick it back up next week...

03 June 2007

Back into the Swing of Things

Things haven't been that eventful lately I guess... but I was finally glad to once again resume flying after 4 weeks away from the Pilot's seat.

Whether it was stuffed up bookings or misinformation, today I finally got back into the swing of things and came away very confident from my second Circuits session. I conducted 4 smooth landings with a new instructor, in one of Aerospace Aviation's newly acquired Cessna 152's, so I felt pretty special all round today!

I also received excellent news from my avid Babylon 5 friends that the next instalment (it's been 9 years since Babylon 5 was aired on TV) entitled 'The Lost Tales' is about to be released on DVD in the US... I can only hope we'll soon follow as my other fave sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica appears to be a non-event, at least for the moment.

No doubt that with the same creative genius behind the new movie, and hopefully a sustained series, these new episodes will be just as inspiring and enthralling as the original B5 Series. I can't wait!

I'll try and keep you posted as events unfold, hopefully we'll have some more interesting things to talk about in the coming weeks!

All the Best...