21 May 2007


I need to type my blogs up more often... Time always seems to be in short supply these days!

For those keeping up-to-date, you'll notice that I mentioned a staff member had left work. Well, news has hit once again that another staff member is moving on... Another hole to be filled, and there goes me again! The quickest progression up the ladder I've heard of in a while, and while its only a temporary positional change, it comes with such perks as higher pay, an iRiver and so on!

Yesterday I was able to geek out with friends at a 'Collectables Fair'. It was full of vendors selling collectables and memorabilia, mostly science fiction and I bought up large on Battlestar Galactica collector cards. It was quite an experience I must say!

Last week I got my flying fix when my Dad flew circuits in a Partenavia P68. I might include some photos at a later point of the experience but it was great to fly and just relax for a change. This most recent weekend I flew via Microsoft Flight Simulator, and next week I'll return to the command seat to another round of circuit training! Can't wait!

Oh, Australian followers look out for Street Fords Issue 26, I make an appearance with the EuroFordClub!

'til next time...

05 May 2007

Loose Ends


Well, this week was momentus for a number of reasons I suppose. One of the valuable colleagues at work had his last days so the void has now opened and it's time to step up to the plate and attempt to help fill the hole. Thank God we're in a bit of a quiet period, but it still is less than ideal I suppose?

I got my car back! It only took three weeks? I had come to the conclusion that car dealers operate in a totally different realm and space time continuum or whatever to the rest of the world. All the while I was getting almost every excuse under the Sun... though, I suppose I have to expect it considering the sort of car I drive. Not your daily run of the mill Falcon or Commodore where you can find spare parts at your local supermarket for example. Reuniting was an emotional experience. Like meeting an old friend after a long time... well, very much like that in fact!

I'm still flying high as well... though today saw me moreso flying in circles as I've reached the 'Circuit' era of my pilot training and I have to say it scared the absolute crap out of me! There's very little time to think or take a breather up there and I don't think I'd trust myself flying a paper plane at the moment, let alone a Cessna Trainer with two lives on the line! Though I may be highly exaggerating the situation, I conducted two extremely poor landings today... so no doubt I have a long way to go... A clerical error however means I'm not flying again until the end of the month!

I'll have to conduct my training as an armchair pilot for the next few weeks until I'm back in the saddle once more!

Will keep you updated of course.

Until then...