13 April 2007

My Interests: Cars

Hello All... I'll change the topic from what has now become regular flying lessons and turn onto another episode of 'My Interests'.

Since the later years of high school and thanks to the influence of a few friends whose veins pumped with 98 Octane Fuel, Nitrous Oxide and whatever else, I developed an interest in man's love for cars. I'll take you through my own personal rides at a later point, but since those days I've become more of a spoken out Ford loyalist and fan, V8 Supercar follower and albeit not crazy, but a car modifier and enthusiast as well.

Aside from the real deal, I pioneered our family collection of diecast cars which now includes a collection of road and race cars in all different scales, subscription and purchase of many car magazines and other literature, as well as membership of forums and active car clubs to share our interests/obsessions.

The passion for cars stems through my social group and at least the male side of my family as well, so I'm in good company pretty much wherever I go!

I think some of you could probably tell I don't have much to write about this week! haha :)

I don't even have a photo to share with you! Maybe next time...

01 April 2007

Repeat Occurrences

I'm a Winner... Again!

Earlier this week I received the latest issue of Performance Ford Magazine, as is consistent with my subscription. However, I couldn't believe they'd surprise me once again following winning their ultimate first prize last year. (See blog entry 'I'm a Winner').

So, unexpectedly, a feedback letter I sent to them won Letter of the Month, titled "Honesty is the Best Policy". It couldn't have been more appropriately named considering the pointers and review I included in my feedback. Regardless, I win a Meguiars car care pack which I know will be put to good usage!

You can find my letter of the month in Volume 7, Edition 2 of Performance Ford Magazine, though I have made 2 other appearances in the Letters section, 2 of the family cars have made 'On the Street' and of course, winning the subscription V8 Race Experience last year!

Taking to the Skies... Again!

Cessna 152 - VH-BRSI finally 'cashed-in' my introductory flight Eleonor got me for Christmas with Aerospace Aviation. This was a great way for me to compare a number of things between two prominent and well known flying schools based at Bankstown Airport.

Different to my first flying experience with Basair where I was able to open up the throttle on take-off and keep the plane straight and level, this was the next stage of actually maneuvering the plane (the pictured Cessna 152) up, down, and banking left and right. I have to admit I was quite edgy about controlling the plane in slightly turbulent conditions, but I believe I will adjust with enough practice...

In the end, after comparing facilities, instructors, planes, overall flying experience and so on, the two schools; Basair and Aerospace came out quite even. I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences! It now means hitting the books and looking through the advantages point for point to work out my next course of action.

I need to make a decision reasonably soon though as my pending birthday present from the parents is for a more in-depth flying lesson at the school of choice...