24 March 2007

Another Year in the Life of Daniel

Last weekend, March 17th I turned 24. Woohoo! Happy Birthday to me! As most of my birthday's over the past few years (since leaving the teens anyway) this was just another ordinary day. Though I have to thank my 5 closest friends for turning up to my planned evening dinner at Sicilian's Parramatta. It was a great night with all of you!

Prior to that, on the Wednesday, I finally cut my ties with my former job of almost 5 years. I haven't talked much about my employment so far, but I said goodbye to my nearly mundane role as an IT Assistant and Data Entry wizard to move onto greater things in a more secure and appreciative environment. The farewell was nice, with cake, cards and speeches, followed by more cake to celebrate my birthday on Friday at my new job as a Projects Support Officer.

Things have been on the road to improvement this year what with the new job, and new aspects to look forward to in the future. It could be a result of the Chinese Year of the Pig, in which I was born, or it could just be that window of opportunity giving me a break! Either way, things are looking good for the moment.

A short one today, and no pics I'm afraid... Stay tuned for the next update, hopefully in the next week or so.