30 September 2006


What a week! I never thought I'd look like one of those people in a car insurance commercial.

This was me (though it's not my ute), on Monday night stuck on the side of one of Sydney's busiest motorways. I'd also found the only hole in the ground which added to the lean of the vehicle in the photo (it was a lot more extreme in reality!). My wonderful roadside assistance membership proved itself useless when they could not help out because the vehicle was not listed on their database even though I fork out my subscription on a yearly basis (which was increased this year as well for being a 'loyal member'! WHAT CRAP!)

So, I called out a towie and took the ute back to it's home. $100 poorer, and 3 hours later I managed to get myself home. Thank God my Mum could do without her car for the rest of the week... the "Smooth As" '06 Focus definitely saved me as it allowed me to travel to and from work.

Where was my car? It was getting an extreme makeover.

As for my 'roadside assistance joke of a membership', I think it's worth as much as a fresh batch of doggy-doo since I keep my cars maintained and have never needed to call on them in the past, and am certainly deterred from ever trying again in the future...

19 September 2006

I'm a Winner!!!

It's in the blood. I'm a Ford fan and very proud of that fact, particularly with three championships in the V8 Supercar series under our belts since 2003. I am now driving my second Ford of three cars I've owned, not to mention all the diecast model cars I have around the house and the list goes on.

Similarly I'm quite a fan of the V8 Supercars in having been to at least one round of the championship every year since 2001. So, of course when my Dad found a new Ford magazine: Performance Ford (www.perfordmag.com) and brought it home, I signed up and subscribed...

Performance Ford Magazine

Some years later, reading their latest October issue I noticed my name alongside First Prize in their monthly competition. I didn't believe it... and yesterday the mail arrived which confirmed it, and I still can't believe it. I have won something!!!

So you're probably thinking I got some posters, an autographed issue of the magazine. Maybe I got a keyring and some other cool little tidbits? Well you're right. I get all of that, but the Golden envelope is where it all counts, and that is a V8 Race Experience, worth $300! (www.v8race.com)

I get to drive a V8 Racecar around Eastern Creek Raceway!

Now I've just got to pinch myself, wake up and make a booking!

V8 Race Experience
This Could Be Me!

17 September 2006

My Best Friends Wedding

Before you get to learn anything about me, there have been some important events in recent times which I thought I'd document.

Last weekend, one of my best friends, Alan, got married to his wonderful partner Belinda. The weather, though quite pitiful for Spring did not change the fact that this day was going to be absolutely special for the happy couple.

Though originally meant to be held outside, the indoor event was great with a quartet playing music while we awaited the bride's arrival. Occassional breaks in the weather meant we could view the Sydney skyline until the weather decided we should all return inside.

The Happy Couple
The ceremony itself was to the point, quick and covered all the bases! The Bride looking amazing and the groom scrubbing up pretty decently in his suit with enclosed shoes and a tie! The celebrant shared the before untold story of how Alan and Belinda came to meet, and this was followed by some heartfelt and sometimes humourous vows by both the bride and groom.

In between the Wedding and Reception I was honoured to meet Alan's mother, who had obviously heard a lot about me as she seemed equally happy to finally meet me as well. Food was delivered to everyone by the staff on platters, these were merely appetisers for the main event to be held at the reception.

The Wedding Cake

The reception was only a short walk away in a nice function room with a live group playing and singing. There was no 'head' table as is traditional and sometimes expected at a wedding. The cake was all chocolate with a replica of Alan's CV8Z Monaro atop with both Alan and Belinda sitting inside, parked next to a mailbox with "Wirth" written on it. Very cute!

The couple introduced every table at the reception before the meals were delivered. Lengthy speeches soon followed before the couples took to the dancefloor and the party went on.

Hopefully not for too long as the couple were to leave early the following morning headed for a wonderful two week honeymoon in the Maldives and a short stopover in Singapore before returning back to Oz.

Congratulations Guys! I wish you all the best.

12 September 2006


If you are reading this, then I truly apologise! You have found your way to my brand new blog which I finally decided to go ahead with and give it a try.

My name is Daniel, and I'm hoping to use this place to be my reintroduction to the web, and be a part of the whole 'blogging experience'. This place will be great for friends and family to read up about me, and learn more as I bore you all to death!

Thanks for viewing... time to fiddle with some settings...